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Custom Print Making. At Collins Editions, we create Giclee prints using archival pigment inks on various papers from which we feel offer exceptional tonal range along with long lasting archival qualities using the latest Canon™ twelve ink printers making prints sized from 8x10 to 42x100. We stock several fine art papers along with papers that have more of a photographic look & feel. If you already have a file, just send it by We Transfer (https://wetransfer.com/).
Film Scans. Whether you have a transparency or a negative, we can handle, or recommend a business, that uses Heidelberg Tango drum scanners, the best in the business, to create digital files from which we can make your prints.
We make very high resolution digital captures of flat artwork using the best Canon DSLR camera and lens. Each piece of art is lit individually in order to record every nuance and detail. The same file can subsequently be made much smaller for use on a website, or converted to CMYK mode for use in books, magazine publishing or cards.
Retouching, Enhancement, Photocomposition, B/W Conversions. If the file you have needs work to bring it into line for printing, no problem. We have been using Adobe’s Photoshop™ software for 20 years and offer extensive retouching and enhancement services. Removing and adding elements to an image, cleaning up facial skin, color & contrast balance, or bringing out more light and color from your images, are all services we offer. Do you love B/W? We can convert a color image to a B/W while maintaining great contrast. Take it further by adding various secondary color tones, such as sepia. See samples
Afterwards – Fulfillment of Prints and Digital Storage. If you are having us make your print as part of an edition, we can archive the digital file for you, so that fulfillment of additional prints is as simple as a phone call. We can ship worldwide. We also can burn your files to a CD or DVD, as well as post them to our FTP site for you to download.
Private Digital Consulting & Tutoring. We are available to help with learning about Photoshop, making a smooth and accurate workflow from your camera to your computer to your printer and having a better understanding of digital photography. Any level.
Graphic Design. Having a show? We create clean, aesthetically pleasing postcards and can even take care of the mailing. Need ads or brochures? Let us create marketing materials that work. How about a book? We design & then use Blurb.com for producing very affordable books.
Original Artwork Captured Digitally
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Now Offering Portraits! Need a portrait for your website or for a magazine that's featuring some of your work? Perhaps you're having a show at a gallery and they've requested a photograph of you. I've been doing portraits commercially for years and now offer to do them at a great price for my clients. Below: Equine photographer Lisa Cueman and painters John Macdonald and Joan Griswold. Click here to see more portraits of "real people".