Archival Print Making on Fine Art & Photographic Style Papers – also known as Giclée Prints
Paper Stock – Substrate 8x10 11x14 16x20 20x24 24x30 24x36 30x40 36x44 40x50 40x60
Hahnemuhle William Turner 310 gsm 40. 55. 80. 115. 170. 190. 250. 300. 375. 430.
Canson PrintMaking Rag 310 gsm (BFK Rives) 40. 45. 75. 105. 155. 170. 235. 285. 350. 400.
Canson Edition Etching 310 gsm 40. 55. 80. 125. 180. 200. 260. 320. 400. 450.
Moab Entrada Bright 300 gsm 40. 45. 75. 105. 155. 170. 235. 285. 350. 400.
Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl 285 gsm 40. 45. 75. 105. 155. 170. 235. 285. 350. 400.
Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Pearl 320 gsm 40. 45. 75. 105. 155. 170. 235. 285. 350. 400.
Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308 40. 50. 75. 105. 155. 170. 235. 285. 350. 400.
We create prints using archival pigment inks on various papers from which we feel offer good tonal range along with long lasting archival qualities. We stock several fine art papers along with papers that have more of a photographic print look & feel. If you want a specific paper, that we don’t stock, we can special-order it for your prints. All prints come with a 1-2 inch border added at no charge.
Film Scans
We don't scan film, transparencies or negatives, but we can recommend a service not far away that uses a Heidelberg Tango drum scanner, the best in the business, to do that and create digital files from which we can make prints.
Graphic Design, Retouching, Enhancement, Photo-Compositions
We offer graphic design services for you to make show announcement cards, marketing materials and books. We also offer help if the file you have needs work to bring it into line for printing, with file size or color issues. We have been using Adobe’s Photoshop™ software for over 20 years and offer extensive retouching and enhancement services. Removing and adding elements to an image, cleaning up facial skin, color & contrast balance, or bringing out more light and color from your images, are all services we offer.
Black & White Conversion
Do you love B/W? We can convert a color image to a B/W while maintaining great contrast. Take it further by adding various secondary color tones, such as sepia.
Original Artwork Captured Digitally – Studio Photography
Private Digital Consulting
We are available to help with learning about Photoshop, making a smooth and accurate workflow from your camera to your computer to your printer and having a better understanding of digital photography. Any level.
Computer Time – per hour* $100
Minimum $50
Black & White Conversion $45
Additional 2nd Tone $15
Consulting – per hour (one hour minimum) $100
File Delivery: The digital files you deliver (on a thumb drive, CD or uploaded to our FTP site) should be 300 dpi Tiff's at the desired size of the print.
Print Pricing – Live area: A 1-2 inch border is added free... Minimum Print Price - $40
Background Deletion - Artists Please Note When Pen & Ink or Pencil drawings (or any artwork that has a surface that hasn't been drawn upon) are photo-copied, that paper background will assume the very slight tone of the surface that your work has been done upon and will appear on the new print unless we digitally delete that tone. If you want the new print paper surface to replace the original paper surface, without any tone, we recommend that you have us correct this.
Sized up to 80 sq inches $35
Sized up to 320 sq inches $55
File Prep Fee: Digital files provided by clients are subject to a one time prep fee of $25 per file with which certain adjustments are made prior to printing. File size adjustments, minor levels adjustments & minor clean-up are included in this fee. Changing the size of a painting for prints is also subject to this fee.
Archiving: CD/DVD or storage: $15. per CD disk. $25 per DVD disk. After job is complete and delivered, we will keep the file(s) for 2 months, after which it may be erased. We can archive the file within Collins Editions for an annual fee of $40
Deframing: We can remove your artwork from the frame for photography. Depending on the complexity, the fee for this service starts at $20.
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Magazines, Brochures, Prints, Websites, Galleries: Good color balance with accurate tonal reproductions. We offer captures done with a full frame Canon DSLR camera.
Metallics & Reflective Materials: Reflective paints or materials in the artwork may require a second capture with lighting changes and then is digitally merged with the first which adds an additional fee.
Second Capture for Reflective Materials
Test Strips: Up to 8"x22" test strip that attempts to capture all colors, hues and tones. $25
Collins Editions Studio • 220 East St Mt Washington, MA (413) 644-9663
Sized up to 40" either dimension
Photographic Portraits - NEW!
I now offer environmental portraits of our clients that they can use on their website, for upcoming shows, perhaps for a magazine featuring their work. Photography charge, $125 hr (minimum 2 hours including set-up and strike time) and $50 for post production of one image. You can go to to see portrait samples.